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Exploding Cars

It was a day like any other. But then, suddenly, out of nowhere, you could hardly believe it, all the cars exploded. "Wow!" said Erik, "I didn't see that coming!".

It wasn't just the cars that exploded, all the planes did too. It seemed to have something to do with motorized vehicles that moved with wheels. Because the airplanes exploded only when they landed. Even the mobile cranes, forklifts, and anyway everything else with wheels and motor. Everything just exploded. Boom. Gone. Fortunately, there were no casualties. Except for the economy, of course. Oh, the poor economy, what a shame.

People had to get creative now. Transportation was severely limited. Freight bikes were the only thing that seemed to work anymore, as even the cuddly electric bikes were exploding. The first thing people tried to do was build new cars, but those exploded too. Then they tried to build a machine that ran on exploding cars. That exploded too, but in a natural way. After some time, people understood: it was a new world.

They now lived closer together in small groups where they shared their food and focused on having a good time together. "Wonderful!" said Erik after taking in a deep breath of air and feeling his chest rise.

On his bike, he rode through the main street of his small community. It was a hot day. The breeze gave him a little cooling but not really enough to counteract the sun's rays. So he took his pocket fan out of his pants and pointed it at his nose. His brain was already anticipating the refreshment that would brush across the skin of his face at any moment. Oh, how easy it was to breathe when the air was additionally pushed into his nose by a fan. He turned on the fan, which together with his bike, immediately exploded.

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